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One based on Binance Smart Chain
Widely used social application token

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​ A new social experience
make all the difference

New IBC is a widely-used social application token based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), focusing on the development of entity applications and the popularization of blockchain decentralized applications, allowing market users to interact with the blockchain market There is also a deeper experience.

The trendiest serial entertainment application and GameFi

New IBC is expected to connect entertainment applications and GameFi, and combine online and offline business models through in-depth integration.

IBC Blockchain Ecology

New IBC is the main core token for constructing the IBC blockchain ecology. It can be used to pay for services and enjoy privileges within the ecosystem. It uses economic incentives and a complete token economic model to reward users, developers and Contributors, introduce other digital services and applications into the IBC ecosystem, and link the blockchain economy.

Let NIBC drive the circulation of block ecological value

Just like Bitcoin is a decentralized encrypted token, the New IBC issued based on the Binance Smart Chain will drive the circulation of block ecological value and establish an effective consensus engine. The ultimate goal is to hope that New IBC can be applied to all aspects of life. style scene. Users' increasing demand for social media has driven the demand for New IBC. The team will also optimize project empowerment and community consensus from time to time to ensure that New IBC combines the latest community trends.

Market analysis

The blockchain technology market is developing rapidly, mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe and Asia, dominated by large technology companies such as well-known multinational companies IBM, Microsoft (Microsoft) and Alibaba (Alibaba), and many small companies are also entering blockchain technology market, thereby increasing competition.

NIBC Market.png

Blockchain technology is a decentralized database technology with a wide range of applications. Since its inception, new business models have benefited from blockchain technology, and many industries including finance, network security and the Internet of Things have provided With great potential, it is also being used in other fields, including healthcare, identity verification, energy, and public services. On a blockchain network, almost anything of value can be tracked, reducing costs and risks for all parties. While blockchain technology is still in its infancy, it has already developed many useful applications.


According to the market research report released by Custom Market Insights, the demand analysis value of the global blockchain technology market size and market share revenue in 2021 is about 4.8 billion US dollars, and it is expected to reach about 69 billion US dollars in 2030, and the compound growth rate from 2022 to 2030 The annual growth rate is 68%.

The NIBC Tokenomics

​Token Name


​ Token Supply

60,000,000 NIBC

​ Token Category

Utility token

Protocol agreement


Contract address




Creative working team, we keep innovating and advancing

The ultimate goal is to apply New IBC to various scenarios in daily life. As users' demand for social media increases, it will also drive the demand for New IBC. The team will optimize project capabilities and community consensus from time to time to ensure that New IBC complies with the latest community trends.

Ready to enter the world of NIBC?

Download  White paper

New IBC is the main core token for building the IBC blockchain ecology. It can be used for payment services and privileges within the ecosystem. It uses economic incentives and cooperates with a complete token economic model to reward users, developers and Contributors to introduce other digital services and applications into the IBC ecosystem, connecting the blockchain economy.

​ Disclaimer

This white paper does not provide you with advice on whether to purchase any New IBC, nor is it a document that you should refer to for any contract or purchase. This white paper does not constitute an offer for any purchase or sale, nor does it constitute any form of contract or commitment. New IBC does not intend to constitute securities or any other regulated product in any country or jurisdiction.
This white paper is not the basis for a prospectus or any other securities offering document, nor is it intended to be used as an offering or fundraising for securities or any other regulated product in any country or jurisdiction. This white paper has not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in any country or jurisdiction.

You acknowledge and agree that New IBC does not have the following functions:

1. Represent the equity, control or obligation of New IBC or any other institution in any jurisdiction, or the right to participate in and control the application decision-making of the aforementioned institution;

2. Represents any type of investment;

3. Represent any securities with intrinsic value or market price;

4. Goods or assets that are obliged to redeem, or purchase on behalf of anyone.

Once a participant participates in this plan, it means that he has confirmed that he understands and recognizes the terms and conditions in the detailed rules, accepts potential risks, and bears the consequences at his own risk.

1. Market risk: If the overall value of the cryptocurrency market is overestimated, the investment risk will increase, and participants may have high expectations for the price growth of the project, but these high expectations may not be realized.

2. Systemic risk: refers to force majeure factors, including but not limited to natural disasters, political turmoil, etc.

3. Regulatory risk: The trading of cryptocurrencies is extremely uncertain. Due to the lack of strong supervision in the field of cryptocurrencies trading, cryptocurrencies are at risk of skyrocketing and falling. If individual participants lack experience after entering the market, it may be difficult Resist asset shocks and psychological pressure brought about by market instability.

4. Project risk: The team will spare no effort to achieve the goals mentioned in the white paper. There is already a relatively mature business model. However, due to the unpredictable overall development trend of the industry, the existing business model may not be well in line with market demand, resulting in profit hard to accomplish. At the same time, since this white paper may be updated as the details of the project are implemented, if the updated details of the project are not obtained by the participants of the plan in time, the participants will have insufficient knowledge due to information asymmetry, which will affect the subsequent development of the project.

5. Technical risk: This project is based on cryptography algorithms, and the rapid development of cryptography also brings potential risks of being cracked; technologies such as blockchain and distributed storage support the development of core business, and the team cannot fully guarantee the implementation of the technology; the project During the update process, loopholes may be found, which can be remedied by releasing updates, but the degree of impact caused by the loopholes cannot be guaranteed.

6. Hacker attack and crime risk: In terms of security, electronic tokens are anonymous and difficult to trace, and are easily attacked by hackers or used by criminals, or may involve criminal acts such as illegal asset transfers.

7. Policy risk: At present, the international regulatory policy for blockchain projects and financing with virtual currencies is still unclear, and there is a certain possibility of loss to participants due to policy reasons.

8. Unknown risks: With the continuous development of blockchain technology, there may be some currently unforeseen risks.

This white paper does not make any representations or warranties to ensure that the information, statements, opinions or other matters described or conveyed in relation to the program are correct or complete, nor does it make any representations about the results or rationality of any forward-looking or conceptual statements. Any representations or warranties, and matters without representations and warranties are not limited to the foregoing. Nothing in this white paper shall constitute or be deemed to be any promise or statement about the future. To the extent fully permitted by applicable law, we will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any person's actions in accordance with this white paper, whether due to negligence, acquiescence or lack of care or bear any responsibility.


New IBC is only a functional token, and does not accept subscriptions from any country/region where the law expressly prohibits the trading of cryptocurrencies and requires specific cryptocurrency licenses for compliant transactions (including but not limited to people in the United States, China and other countries), and Sanctioned Jurisdictions: Iran, North Korea, Crimea Region of Ukraine, Syria, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, etc.

Participants are asked to fully understand the team background, overall framework and participate rationally before participating.


New IBC has the right to modify and change the content of this white paper at any time, please use the public white paper on the official website as the latest version.

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